Promises made by your SEO campaign

25/11/2012 17:04

Search marketers are like waiters. I have to admit that I didn’t come up with the brilliant and spot-on simile myself; Dave Ragals over at Search Engine Watch did in this article I read a few weeks ago. I even left a comment saying I was going to have to steal his simile for my own use, so here it goes! In his article, Dave makes this great point about search marketers;

We can answer questions about the menu, help our customers order the right meal based on their taste, make sure it’s delivered properly and even “dynamically” generate offerings for those with particular tastes or needs. But we don’t actually cook the meal. When the dish comes out from the kitchen and the steak is overdone, the portion way too small or the plate full of grease, we’re the ones who get shafted with a crummy tip.

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